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The XEN Crypto Stake Calculator helps you determine the potential return on your XEN investment when you participate in XEN staking. Simply enter the amount of XEN you want to stake and the term of your stake, and the calculator will use the current APY (annual percentage yield) and the XEN(ETH) Genesis date to estimate the total amount of XEN you will receive at the end of your stake term. With this tool, you can easily calculate the potential return on your XEN staking and make informed decisions about your investment strategy.

Move your mouse from left to right over the APY row to change the APY between 2% and 20%, the result will be recalcuted.

XEN Mint Calculator

Future stake results

APY Term Staked Gained $XEN* Value* Final

Friendly advise: do not forgot to mint on time because after 7 days the penalty is 99% meaning that you can only mint 1% of what you could have minted within the first 24 hours after the term period ended.

Xen mint estimator is available for these blockchains

To monitor your XEN mints and stakes navigate to the home page shown below.